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What is the difference between a Breakup Bootcamp 'Retreat' and a Breakup Bootcamp 'Workshop'?

A 'Breakup Bootcamp' is a 3 night/4 day all inclusive love rehab retreat. A 'Breakup Bootcamp Workshop' on the other hand, is a half-day workshop, giving you an introductory insight.


What do I need to bring to a Breakup Bootcamp Retreat?

We provide an all-inclusive retreat, which means everything is provided for you! The only things you need to bring are your swimsuit, comfortable gear to exercise in, enough clothing for the duration of your stay, and your willpower!


What is a phone-free environment?

Yes, we will be confiscating your phones at the retreat (not at the workshop). While learning to detach your emotions after a breakup, we have found that having an absence of devices can speed up this process and allow you to channel your focus without distractions. It also prevents any negative behaviour such as obsessing which creates anxiety and stress. Don't worry, you'll have an approved list of personal contacts you can call if you need to, but please take these calls away from the group, so you do not disrupt others. 


Can I send a friend/daughter/sister etc? 

Yes, you can gift the Breakup Bootcamp experience to any friend or family member. Sometimes it can be distressing watching a friend or family member go through a breakup and not know how to comfort or support them. Please contact us if you wish to book for someone else.


Does it matter what type of relationship I had?

It doesn't matter if you were seeing someone casually for a few weeks or married for 30 years. Strong feelings can develop no matter the length of time you spent in that relationship. If you are experiencing difficulty moving forward, we are here to help you.


Can I come if I'm still in a relationship?

Approximately 35% of the participants who come are in an on-again, off-again relationship. If you are in the 'grey zone' of indecision which causes self-doubt, anxiety, and fear of making the wrong decision, our program can provide you with the right tools to leave an unhealthy relationship. This retreat is all about YOU. 


Am I too old / too young to come? 

No. Your age doesn’t matter, but your desire to create change for yourself does. 


Does my sexual orientation matter? 

We welcome women of any sexual orientation.


Is there a retreat for men? 

Currently, our retreat is only for women. We will be working on a men's version and hopefully launching it in late 2019.  . If you are interested in a men's retreat, please express your interest here


Is the Breakup Bootcamp retreat private? 

All women who wish to participate must sign a privacy agreement before coming to the Breakup Bootcamp.


Will I be healed after one weekend? 

Anything that promises to be a quick fix transformation is a lie. We provide you with the tools, strength, support and knowledge to move forward. Nobody can heal you, only you can heal yourself.


How do I get there?
Our Breakup Bootcamps are held in private luxury estates across Australia. The address will be provided upon booking confirmation along with exact details of how to get there. If you are driving, please note that street parking may only be available.


What is your access and inclusion policy?
Breakup Bootcamp Australia endeavours to only use venues with wheelchair access, and incorporates both verbal and visual material during the workshops and retreats to help aid people. All carers are welcome to join at no additional cost, for both the workshops and retreats.  


I will be flying in. Do you offer a shuttle service?

Yes, if you are flying into the local airport, we are able to provide you with a courtesy pick up and drop off service.  

Can I come for only a portion of the Breakup Bootcamp? 

Our program has been specifically designed to tackle important core elements essential to the healing process, therefore you are unable to only do a portion. We do allow the option of leaving on Sunday night after the final workshop, rather than Monday morning for those participants who have early work starts. There are no discounts if you chose to leave Sunday night. 


Are there private sessions?

Yes, there are a couple of private 1-on-1 private sessions throughout the weekend. Upon booking confirmation, you will receive information regarding the experts as well as your timetable schedule. If you really connect and would like to continue to see a particular expert outside of the Breakup Bootcamp, private sessions are available at an additional cost.


What is the Breakup Bootcamp retreat schedule? 

Typically, you will arrive at 4pm in the afternoon on Friday, and depart on Monday morning at 7am. This can slightly vary from Bootcamp to Bootcamp. From the moment you arrive, you are immersed in the program. A week prior to the retreat you will receive an email with preparation tips, along with the schedule. 


Is there support after the retreat? 

Once you complete Breakup Bootcamp, it doesn't end there. We provide you with a take-home kit, which includes a 30-day goal plan to keep you on track. You will also have access to a Private Facebook group for Breakup Bootcamp graduates and have the option to keep in touch with your accountability buddy with whom you will be paired with during your stay.


How do I justify the retreat price?

You can't put a price on your health. We are the only Breakup Bootcamp specialists in Australia. With everything you will receive in our specially tailored program, you are actually saving hundreds. Luxury accommodation for three (3) nights, access to experts including a psychology counsellor, life coach, and intuitive guide, a combination of yoga, pilates and barre classes, fresh organic meals prepared daily, various workshops and activities, plus more. A similar retreat can cost upwards of $3000. 


What is your Refund Policy?

Tickets are refundable up to 30 days before the event. After this date they are non-refundable, but they are transferable up to 48 hours before the event to another person, or future workshop.






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