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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mission

Experiencing a breakup can be heart-wrenching,

taking both physical and emotional tolls.

Our goal is to empower women to find their strength again

in order to move forward.


The after effects of a breakup can be dangerous. Some women experience the inability to focus, unable to go to work, loss of appetite, having difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much, obsession, rumination, high anxiety, post-traumatic stress, isolation, withdrawal and depression.


At Breakup Bootcamp Australia we welcome women of all ages to embark with us on a scientific and spiritual approach to healing the heart. Our empowerment retreat is also ideal for women in unhealthy relationships seeking the strength to leave. This journey is about finding your true self-identity to move forward empowered, inspired, healthy and with full clarity of what you want and deserve.


We have a mission to empower heartbroken women.

To do this we offer support, specialists, and strengthening.


" Sometimes painful things can teach us lessons

we didn't think we needed to know. "

Amy Poehler, Actress & Activist

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