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About Our Program

The emotional and physical effects after a breakup are different for men and women, but so is their recovery. At Breakup Bootcamp Australia, we have unlocked the key to recovery and have developed specialised workshops and retreats to help women move on and tackle the lingering after-effects of a breakup,

or move on from an unhealthy relationship. We are your love rehab!


Our Breakup Bootcamps run over the course of 3-nights, 4-days (Friday-Monday)

and are hosted at private luxury estates throughout Australia. 

Each retreat has under 15 guests so that we can keep an intimate atmosphere that feels safe, calm and supportive. 


We also offer an introductory half-day 'Breakup Bootcamp Workshop'.

Please see our Bookings to view upcoming events near you.


A broken heart heals when we allow the healing

to go as deep as the wound went.

Our Mission

What to Expect at Breakup Bootcamp


Our Retreats are All-Inclusive: 


  • Workshops by our positive Psychology Counsellor

  • Support sessions from our on-site Life Coach

  • Group fitness and meditation sessions by our Yoga, Pilates & Barre Instructor

  • Spiritual session by our Intuitive Guide 

  • Fresh organic and nutrient-rich meals prepared on site  

  • Luxury accommodation and eco-friendly amenities

  • Complimentary goodie-bag to take home

  • Support after the retreat and a 30-day goal plan


We Focus on 7 Core Elements:



There is so much to learn and comprehend about the science and psychology behind heartbreaks. As a traumatic event, the body and mind can react in various ways, similar to mourning loss. Because romantic love activates the same part of the brain which is associated with cravings and drugs, a similar experience of craving and withdrawal is to be expected after a relationship ends. We believe understanding and acknowledging what is happening inside you, and why, is one of the core elements on the journey to healing.



The psychological pain experienced when we are betrayed, abandoned, or rejected is very real. Coming to terms with a failed relationship can trigger high-stress levels and behaviours. Our experts are here to help guide you through this process. Our psychological counsellor and will analyse and peel back your emotional layers to try and identify the root of your void which directs you into toxic habits. Our intuitive guide will help guide you in touch with your spirituality, using the power of healing crystals, you will learn to drive the negativity from your body, and channel the positive energy flows. 



Having a safe place to mourn, share, talk, and cry it out without feeling shame is important. Keeping your feelings bottled-up is unhealthy. On the other hand, sometimes you may feel like you're burdening your family and friends when you are grieving over your relationship loss. We are here to listen and hear you. Being surrounded by like-minded women experiencing the same feelings is a powerful and strengthening experience. You are not alone in this journey.



One of the stress responses triggered by a breakup is the loss of appetite, or unhealthy eating, which is counterintuitive to healing. Without the necessary nutrients, it’s extremely difficult for you to heal emotionally, as the mind and body are connected. An on-site cook prepares all the meals during your stay with fresh organic ingredients, catering to your diet needs. 



Exercise is a wonderful stimulus. We offer a combination of yoga, pilates, and barre to trigger the feel-good chemicals (the endorphins) to counter all the negative chemicals that are happening. Our expert instructor ends each workout with a meditation session, to exercise the mind as well as the body.



There is actually a lot of scientific research showing the benefits of expressive writing — studies have shown it can improve mood, memory, happiness, and general health. In addition to helping you come to terms with your thoughts, writing about your break up could help reduce stress, anxiety and allow you to solve problems more efficiently. 



Breakups can be pivotal points in life. You can either use them as catalysts for growth or let them swallow you down. Once a relationship ends, you can lose your self-identity, your routine, and your comforts, which is why it is important to have things to look forward to. Make plans in the future so that you can focus on what you’re looking forward to versus how unbearable your present is.
Learn to love yourself again.



Still want to know more? Read our Frequently Asked Questions.




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